November 12, 2011 - 7:30 AM.

blog post possibilities

Post topics:

*The best kind of practice to have (injury treatment) in these economic times

*Make sure you can retire! (Pay your Social Security taxes)

*How to get doctor referrals

*How to get on with an insurance company

*Know the insurance-billing laws of your state (every category of provider, etc)

*Why most of us get into the woo (poor access to the medical system) and how to pick out what you really believe, from the woo system we've been forced to default to

*For doctors - why so many of our patients distrust you, and what we're trying to do about that. What can YOU do to improve access to you? What can WE do (legislation, informing, etc.)?

*Art in your office - you never know what someone will find beautiful

*Religion in your office - don't do it unless you really really believe it. And even then :(

*Write your story - how you came to massage. Corollary - are you touching for YOUR benefit, or theirs?

*Continuing ed - after a certain point, you need to be taking longer-term series courses for good skill improvement

*Continuing ed - we caution each other not to feel expert after a weekend workshop, but how do docs/nurses/PTs do it? Oh wait.

*Interviews with the heavy hitters - Ben Benjamin, Whit Lowe, Eric Whatshisname, James Waslaski, Irene from Irene's College of Massotherapy, Ruth Werner, Judith Walker, Vivienne the insurance lady, owner of Cascadia here in town, Biotone lady,

*Work to get your scope of practice expanded (intra-oral, etc)

*Who can bill workers' comp?

*My mother's quilts

*My son loves massage - pressure levels for children

*My little crooked house - renovations for the inept (painting, covering windows with plastic, learning to mow my own lawn, refurbing the deck, awful countertops, putting up trim, those darn shingles)

*adorable things my kid says

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